Government Analytics

Are you accessing and interpreting all the data you need to make the right business decisions? Are your competitors making better business decisions based on the data sets they access?

•  The World Economic Forum says, “We underestimate the power of data at our peril,” reporting 463 exabytes of data will be created each day by 2025.
•  Statistics Canada says, “Canadians are as much in search of their data feed as they are for food and heat,” reporting the value of the stock of data, databases and data science in Canada was $217 billion in 2018, roughly equivalent to the stock of all other intellectual property products (software, research and development, and mineral exploration).

Data is a valuable resource. However, it can be time consuming, expensive and daunting to find the insights you need. Many organizations are too busy, don’t have enough spare resources or don’t know where to look.

That’s where we come in. At GA we specialize in mining, analyzing and formatting GOVERNMENT data to give our customers a competitive advantage. We can find data faster, analyze it in more depth, and provide it to you in any format you require -- and do it cost effectively

Government Analytics - fast, thorough, flexible, economical

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