Government Analytics can help you with all your data needs


There are mountains of data available, but that can make it hard to find exactly what you need.

We can research all available data sources and locate the targeted data you are looking for saving you time, effort and expense.

Government Spending: Main and Supplementary Estimates, Statutory/Voted, Public Accounts, Budget Commitments

Performance: Performance Plans and Results: Performance Targets, Actual Spending, Full Time Equivalents.

Statistical: Population, Infrastructure, Economic, Finance

Deparatmental: Performance, Effectiveness, Policies, Employees

Parliament / Senate: Committees, Voting records, Participation, Legislation, Members, Riding details


We can provide complete analysis to drill-down through raw data to highlight metrics of interest to you.

Totals, % change, trends, statistical analysis.

Comparative Analysis: Compare data year-over-year or quarter-by-quarter. Government-wide or drill down to departments and programs.

Gap Analysis: Shortfalls, areas of concern, missed targets, cost overruns.

Policy effectiveness: Compare actual data versus plan, % complete, project status.


Provide data that you require in the format you need.

Formatted: Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Graphics


Custom: Databases, Web portals, GIS maps


Streamline your data workflows with software, coding, logic or macros. Simplify repetitive tasks such as data collection, entry, report generation, statistical analysis. Design and build custom databases to store and manipulate data using custom queries, charts or reports. Integrate via APIs with on-line data sources to keep your data current. Map data using web portals and GIS software.

Use the power of automation to simplify your data requirements