Government Analytics

Steve Saunders - Partner

Steve started utilizing data analytics while doing research on Federal infrastructure spending for the Senate National Finance Committee and has been hooked ever since. By applying his thirty plus years of high tech experience and his background in computer science, Steve found he was able to drill deep algorithmically into raw data to find more revealing and useful insights, gaps and anomalies. He has since developed a powerful suite of analytical software tools that he can apply to virtually any data to quickly provide in-depth, automated analysis.

Prior to working at Government Analytics, Steve was an executive in the IBM software group where he managed the electronic records management division. Steve graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from Carleton University and has co-founded two high tech companies in Ottawa which were subsequently acquired.

David Macquistan - Senior Associate

Drawing up compelling narratives constructed on evidence is what brought David to GA. More than ever before evidenced-based decision-making demands analytics that are valid, reliable and relevant. Quality data that tells a story based on solid analysis.

So now, after decades of crunching data in the high tech and financial sectors David finds himself moving into the realm of policy development from a position of strength where he gets to apply all these learnings.

David has a BASc in Engineering Physics and MASc in Metals and Materials both from the University of British Columbia.

Greg Macdougall - Partner

With Canadians insatiable need for data now being compared to their need for food and heat – our world view is changing. And with-it analytics is fast becoming the driving force behind creating, visualizing and presenting evidence.

Greg's journey with GA is all about mining big data for clients and doing it faster, more efficiently and more in-depth than any competitors. He’s been in the governance game for over 30-years advising, teaching and drafting winning strategies for CEOs, presidents, ministers, deputy ministers, senators, colleagues and students. Greg has a master’s degree in public administration from Carleton University and a BPR from Mount Saint Vincent University.