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Government Analytics transforms raw data into actionable insights. We deploy a suite of tailored solutions to enhance strategic positioning, decision-making capabilities, and operational effectiveness. Uncovering the "so what" in the numbers makes all the difference in providing the competitive edge


It's about generating results

Government Analytics Inc, is a research firm with a twist: Government Analytics designs proprietary software using government data sets to generate custom-written client reports, faster, with less work, in a fiercely competitive arena.

We do it because Government Analytics is committed to advancing political discourse in Canada based on facts and evidence. As data evangelists, our mission is to demonstrate how performance, rooted in data and evidence, can generate better narratives, better stories, and simply put, better outcomes.

By combining data sourcing service with its data transformation service, client’s can generate more accurate insight and produce actionable solutions where outcomes can be measured. This two-step approach to generating evidence-based data analytics sets the stage for dramatically improved narratives and strategic positioning, proven to propel any program or initiative forward.

Instilled by an entrepreneurial mindset and the agility of a startup, Government Analytics launched in 2019, with the capacity to disrupt conventional thinking, while offering sustainable business solutions that better respond to evolving policy needs and circumstances.

A Data Story

The provincial backstop to debt

Producing data stories is the outcome of every project Government Analytics works on.

Few remember the March 20th letter back in 2020, from Premier Dwight Ball of Newfoundland and Labrador to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, just nine days after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic.

With no ability to secure debt financing, the province teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Still grappling with the aftermath of the 2015 oil price collapse, an uncertain fishery, and the impending cost overruns of the Muskrat Falls energy project, the situation was dire. Adding to the challenges, a substantial 21% of the population was aged 65 or older, with a staggering 84% of them having one chronic disease.

It was this letter that started Government Analytics on its journey actively tracking government spending. Every day for the next 12 to 18 months, news releases from all levels of government were read, data extracted, then compiled into an Excel workbook

March 20th letter from Premier Dwight Ball →

These early data sets captured and actively tracked the governments’ response to the pandemic, ahead of any other organization or research firm in Canada, including both the federal and provincial governments. The reports generated by GA showed exactly where the trillion dollars in fiscal and monetary commitments were dispensed across Canada to support individuals, communities, businesses, non-government organizations, banks, and governments.

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