Government analytics


Government Analytics Inc, is a research firm with a twist: GA designs proprietary software using government data sets to generate custom-written client reports, faster, with less work, in a fiercely competitive arena.

Government analytics


Government Analytics Inc, is a research firm with a twist: GA designs proprietary software using government data sets to generate custom-written client reports, faster, with less work, in a fiercely competitive arena.


For policy to work it has to be relevant, and to be relevant it has to be credible. Whether  it's fiscal and monetary policy, foreign and defence policy, or social policy, the numbers need to make sense, and you need to be able make sense of them.

There are few research firms better than Government Analytics that can sift through mountains of data linked, for example, to government supply, and turn it into actionable insight.

Each jurisdiction in Canada has its own supply process - where supplementary estimates offer departments the opportunity to update their initial requests tabled in the Main Estimates every Spring.

Be it from the floor, at committee, or in tailored speech as part of a PowerPoint presentation to colleagues, or as the subject matter expert, Government Analytics  provides more targeted results, faster, with less work.

By choosing Government Analytics services, you are not just accessing data; you are unlocking a suite of tailored, insightful, and useful solutions that can significantly enhance discourse and engagement.

And we do it by staying on top of the complex appropriation cycle that drives government decision-making and never stops churning, with a critical eye on what's new, what's different and what matters.


Government Analytics ability to produce understandable analytics means it can dig deep on policy issues, providing insights grounded in evidence, and packaged to be easily understood and curated as part of compelling narratives

Canada’s Fiscal Policy

This includes generating charts from our proprietary source documents that contain detailed spending data for the federal departments and agencies, based on their plans and priorities, estimates, and departmental results reports

Canada’s Monetary Policy

It also includes weekly updates on the Bank of Canada balance sheet, its quarterly Monetary Policy Report and the active monitoring of other reports, statements and public commentary

The federal response to the 2020-21 pandemic witnessed an unprecedented amount of spending by the federal government, and debt purchasing (quantitative easing) by the Bank of Canada, amounting to $1.088 Trillion

Public Policy Makers

The power of Government Analytics is its capacity to triangulate its analytics to generate better outcomes. We work closely with clients to ensure data sources are not only relevant and credible, but are tightly linked to the metrics designed to generate the performance and desired outcome.

So it's not just data crunching, it's about fostering a strategic approach to the data, an integrated transformation between subject matter experts, key stakeholders and those working in the field.

Amalgamating disparate world views is not easy. Making sense of them is even more difficult. Government Analytics has the experience and expertise to identify and validate the obstacles preventing certain metrics from being achieved when producing data analytics Bottom-up Implementation

The Government Analytics  approach to data transformation stems from the groundbreaking work of Miko Yuk – with BI Brainz in Atlanta, Georgia – where private sector clients improve their strategic choices by gaining deeper insight from their data.

The first step in the process is to identify a goal or policy direction among a team representative of the larger organization.  Commit to quickly working through all the known challenges to settle on a direction or goal - where generating actionable insights is the shared objective

This visualization on the right outlines the process: The team establishes a shared goal, identifies metrics, and prior to transitioning to action, engages in analytics, including data modeling and, predictive analysis.  This process generates essential evidence to inform and guide subsequent actions

Settlement and Nova Scotia

Government Analytics completed an immigration and migration analysis for the Province of Nova Scotia at the end of 2021, that took 8 weeks to complete. It included a quantitative analysis based on analytics drawn from over 15 data sets.

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Government Relations

Government Analytics Inc is a research firm that transforms raw data into actionable insights by tracking government spending – all of it, the budgets, the estimates, the public accounts, grants and contributions, everything and anything that has a government data set attached to it. We are committed to using our findings to advance public discourse, especially in the post-Covid economy where evidence, based on data, cuts seamlessly through all the ambiguity and unpredictability.

Data Sourcing

Data Sourcing uses proprietary software to identify and acquire valid and reliable data sources that meet your specific needs, focusing on what matters, finding the connections and the trends 

Customization to Specific Needs
and Trends

Your advantage: Ensures data sourced aligns precisely with your unique requirements, ensuring maximum relevance and applicability to your projects and decision-making processes.

Comprehensive Analysis of Policy and Regulatory Trends

Your advantage: Keeps you ahead of the curve by providing deep insights into emerging trends, enabling proactive strategy development and risk management

Access to Credible and Reliable Evidence

Your advantage: Enhances the credibility of your story and your strategies,  grounding them in trustworthy and authoritative data sources

Creation of Winning Narratives

Your advantage: Empowers you to craft persuasive, authoritative and compelling arguments, crucial for engaging stakeholders, policy-makers, clients and users 

Government Analytics expert analysts transform raw data into actionable insights using in-depth analysis, based on proprietary methodologies, designed to transform winning narratives into better advocacy with targeted outcomes

Transformation of Raw Data into Actionable Insights

Your advantage: Distills vast amounts of data into clear, actionable information, allowing for quicker and more effective decision-making 

Measurable Goals Linked to Actionable Outcomes

Your advantage: Evidence-based metrics and key performance indicators offer innovative solutions that generate forward-looking trends 


Government Analytics works with Canadian municipalities to help them secure project funding to build sustainable communities.  We have the capacity to cut through the reams of data sets containing federal and provincial funding opportunities, identify their relevance to a municipality’s strategic objectives and priorities, then go the next step to dig out the criteria and even help complete the written proposal

While our approach isn't a universal solution for all the evolving challenges at the local level, Government Analytics does have the capacity to help municipalities organize themselves to access  funding opportunities, and produce more targeted funding proposals faster, with less work, and better outcomes

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Deep in the Government Analytics data bank is a list of every federal government funding program, grant and contribution.  We can also access program criteria and, in many cases, the actual project authority.  And given many federal funding programs require partnerships, Government Analytics also has the capacity to integrate these federal initiatives with publicly available funding on the websites of private sector and not-for-profit organizations across Canada, and funding programs publicly accessible on the websites of each of the provincial territorial governments.

Scholars / Analysts / Students

You can’t do what Government Analytics does without understanding governance at its core.  Sharing this experience with students is what we do, sharing our findings with analysts to validate our results is also what we do 

The journey began by understanding the federal supply process and appropriations, and it's a road that appears to have no end…

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